What is Gaijin Jam?
Gaijin Jam is the name of a series of hackathons supported by Gaijin Entertainment.

This hackathon – Gaijin Jam #2 'daScript' – is dedicated to developing computer games in daScript (Gaijin Entertainment's powerful scripting language) from March 1 to March 31.

It’s for hardcore programmers. It’s for tech artists. It’s for aspiring creators. And it’s for anyone who's ready to challenge their limits and be the first to explore new technology, either solo or with a team.

Are you in?
$20 000
Prize fund
31 days of Hardcore
Your game, backed by Gaijin Entertainment’s technology
Lectures from experts, and live streams of participants' games
All times indicated are in UTC
February 23, 16:00
February 23, 16:00
Online lecture: "Basics of dasbox"
February 28, 16:00
February 28, 16:00
Livestream: The organizers answer your questions
March 1, 16:00
March 1, 16:00
The start of the jam!
  • Livestream: Opening speech and theme announcement
  • Use our Discord to form teams and communicate!
March 4, 16:00
March 4, 16:00
Livestream: "Answers to questions" part 1 of 3, with experts
March 11, 16:00
March 11, 16:00
Livestream: "Answers to questions" part 2 of 3, with experts
March 25, 16:00
March 25, 16:00
Livestream: "Answers to questions" part 3 of 3, with experts
March 31, 16:00
March 31, 16:00
End of the jam!
  • DEADLINE FOR GAME JAM ENTRIES – please make sure your game is uploaded and submitted by this time!
Closing livestream
March 31, 21:00
March 31, 21:00
Voting starts
April 7, 16:00
April 7, 16:00
Livestream: Gameplay and developer commentary, part 1 of 2
April 10, 14:00
April 10, 14:00
Livestream: Gameplay and developer commentary, part 2 of 2
April 14, 16:00
April 14, 16:00
Voting ends
April 15, 16:00
April 15, 16:00
Livestream: Awards ceremony
Gaijin Jam #2: Rules
You must use Gaijin tech
You will be making a game using daScript (a powerful scripting language designed by Gaijin) and dasbox (a runtime environment for launching daScript applications).
No external or premade game engines, frameworks or libraries
The goal of Gaijin Jam #2 is to make a game using daScript and dasbox. You may use the standard daScript libraries, and the facilities that dasbox provides, but nothing else.
You must publish your source code
The source code of your game must be publicly accessible, so that both the judges and other participants can launch the project in dasbox and judge its quality. Your copyright remains your own.
You can include external content in your game
By this, we mean things like 2D graphics, sounds, music, fonts, etc. You must have the legal right to use all the external content that you include in your game.
What game format to use, and where to upload it
The game has to work with dasbox (ie. as a DAS file), be compatible with Windows 7 x64 (or newer), and the dasbox executable must be included. You will need to upload your game to itch.io, submitting it as a participant in the “Gaijin Jam #2” game jam. Make sure you specify the “Kind of project” dropdown as “Downloadable”!
How the categories will be rated
The winners of the “Best Game” and “Best Gameplay” categories will be decided by the judges. All uploaded games will be judged for these two categories in a single round, without any preselection (that is, without filtering which games to judge beforehand).

The winner of the “Gaijin’s Choice” category will be decided by Gaijin Entertainment.

The winner of the “People’s Choice” category will be decided using public votes at itch.io.
Not all games are welcome
Your game must be eligible to be streamed on Twitch, VK, YouTube, etc. As such, it must not include any elements banned by these services. Your game must not break the law, or incite hatred based on ethnicity, race, or sexual orientation.
What is a game hackathon?
A game hackathon (or game jam) is a competition where participants are challenged to make a computer game in a short period of time. Our hackathon lasts for 31 days.
How do I participate?
This jam is completely online – you can participate from anywhere in the world.

Step 1. Join our Discord.

Step 2: Send a private message to the Gaijin Jam bot to register for the jam.
What game engines can I use?
None of them. ;)
Okay. But am I allowed to bring my own premade game engine?
No. The first Gaijin Jam allowed you to do that, but not this one. ;)

In this jam, you‘ll be going hardcore and assembling a game from the ground up using Gaijin Entertainment technologies.
What are daScript and dasbox? Where can I download them?
daScript is a high performance, open source, statically typed scripting language. The project is actively developed and used by more than just Gaijin Entertainment.

Main daScript page with description, documentation and examples: https://dascript.org/

dasbox is a minimalistic open source environment for running daScript programs.

Repository on GitHub: https://github.com/imp5imp5/dasbox

You can build it yourself from the source code, or download the latest release.
I am not a programmer. Can I participate in the jam?
Of course!

You’ll be wanting to join up with a programmer, though. You can join an existing team, create your own, or invite your engine-writing friends.

If you’re an artist, musician or game designer, join our Discord and find yourself a team in the "I'm looking for a team" channel.

If you are a technical artist, you’re invited too!

And even if you’re a beginner – if you know how to program a little and you’re familiar with an environment like Processing, this jam may be the perfect opportunity to master daScript – come join us!
Do I need to publish my source code?
Yes, you’ll need to publish the source code – that way, judges and other participants will be able to launch the project on dasbox and rate it.

All rights for game submissions and source code remain with the participants.
Can I use third-party graphics, music, or sounds?
Yes. You are allowed to use any third-party content (2D graphics, sound, music, fonts, etc), as long as you have the legal rights to do so. You don’t have to create original content, although it’s strongly encouraged.
Will there be prizes?
Yes. The winners will receive cash prizes as follows:

Best Game: $7,000

Best Gameplay: $5,000

Gaijin’s Choice: $4,000

People’s Choice: $4,000
How will the winners be determined?
The winners of the “Best Game” and “Best Gameplay” categories will be decided by the judges. All uploaded games will be judged for these two categories in a single round, without any preselection (that is, without filtering which games to judge beforehand).

The winner of the “Gaijin’s Choice” category will be decided by Gaijin Entertainment.

The winner of the “People’s Choice” category will be decided by the jam participants themselves by voting on itch.io.
Is it possible to submit a daScript game I already made?
No, sorry. But please feel free to tell us about your game and share your experience on Discord!
Can I make a game on any theme?
The theme of the jam will be announced on March 1 during the opening livestream. We highly encourage you to make a game that's related to the theme in some way if you want the main prize.
What else do I need to know?
During the jam there will be lectures and Q&A sessions with experts. Keep an eye on the schedule!
I don't have a team. How can I find one?
First, join our Discord server and message the Gaijin Jam bot to sign up for the jam. Next, check out the "looking for a team" channel. Here, you’ll be able to talk about your skills and personal goals for the jam, and who you’re looking for.

If you still don’t have a team, let the organizers know and we’ll try to help.

Tip 1: Invite fellow programmers who are interested in trying their hand at new technology.

Tip 2: If the team you’re in isn’t a good fit for you, let them know right away. Don't be afraid about changing teams at the start of development.
I don't have any experience. Does it make sense to participate?
If you're feeling adventurous, then go for it! We’d love to see you there.
I'm under 18 years old. Can I participate?

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